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We work hard to protect your confidential information and privacy when dealing with us online. A secure login process and strong encryption are only the first steps in helping to prevent others from accessing your account information online.

DC Bank is committed to the privacy and security of customer information. In the financial services business confidentiality is critical. We continually strive to do our utmost to ensure your information is protected.

When you connect to the Internet, the Internet also connects back to you. Even before you connect to the Bank's web site, someone out there could potentially get access to your computer. Also, as you surf the Internet, there is a trail of information left behind.

While we are doing all we can to safeguard your information, there are also important measures you can take to protect yourself when you bank online. Please take the time to read over this valuable security information.

Your Responsibility

Maintaining the care, control and confidentiality of your card number, login ID and web password is your responsibility as set out in our customer agreements. DirectCash Bank is not responsible for unauthorized access to accounts online or losses that occur as a result of you voluntarily disclosing your card number, login ID or web password, or the careless or improper handling, storing or disclosure by you of this information.

The Canadian Banking Association offers monthly fraud prevention tips via e-mail. Find out what you can do to protect yourself by signing up today to receive their tip of the month. Please connect to

Security Considerations for Safe Online Banking

What We Do

Some of the security measures we have in place to help protect you when using our online banking services include:

Strong encryption technology to help ensure that data passing between your PC and our web server is secure, therefore you must have a browser that supports this level of encryption.

Digital certificates issued by trusted third party companies to let you know that our site is secure and genuine.

Firewalls to protect your information with us.

What We Don't Do

We never send you messages asking you to provide us with personal or account information via email (see email scams and “phishing” for more information). Please keep in mind that email messages are not encrypted and therefore, subject to being intercepted and read by third parties.

What You Can Do

Here are some of the security measures you can take to protect your confidential information when you use the Internet:

1. For Online Banking Do the Following

2. For General Computer Security

3. For General Financial Services Security

4. How to Help Protect Yourself

5. How to Protect your Debit Card and PIN